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So who converts to alternative fuel?

People who want to stop wasting money.
Our group of customers encompass all walks of life. All have a common denominator which is "fore-thought" It doesn't take loads of brains to see the financial advantages. It requires the decision to make the investment to claim the return in due course.

What you will need to do
Do no more than keep your vehicle and not changing your lifestyle one bit. No instant gratification, but every time you fill-up, there is the feelings of doing something positive and significantly less expensive.....

       What you can expect from us:-

    • lpg approvedThe location details of our two centres Arun Autogas & Capital Autogas

    • lpg approvedEuropean LPG filler adaptors for sale

    • lpg approved Two years parts and labour warranty - service beyond the no-quibble standard

    • lpg
                        approved UKLPG approved installation centres with records of distiniction - as standard

    • lpg
                        approved Straight talking on systems and prices - always standard

    • lpg
                        approved Factory-fitted lpg repair and servicing for the South East and London

Call & find how much better-off you'll be, on LPG - 01903 715 715

Visit our fledging Photo Voltiac PV Solar Panel installation services

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